Our Hearing Care Services

Everything we do at ClearSound Hearing is designed for your individual care. We offer comprehensive hearing testing and consultations, and when it comes time to select a product, ClearSound has an in-home trial program to help you find the best hearing aids for your personal lifestyle and budget. We also have in-office cleaning and programming services for most hearing aid brands.

Why Choose Us

Each ClearSound Hearing clinic offers the following hearing care services.

Hearing Evaluations and Consultations

  • Comprehensive hearing testing
  • Otoscopy for viewing your ear canal
  • Computerized hearing aid analysis and programming

Hearing Aids

  • A wide range of hearing aid styles and technology to ensure you find just the right device to meet your lifestyle and budget needs
  • Annual hearing check and ongoing programming adjustments to ensure maximum performance
  • Free in-office cleaning and programming for the life of your hearing aid
  • Most insurance & discount buying plans accepted


  • We custom program a pair of hearing aids for you to wear home and try for 7 days
  • Evaluate how the hearing aids perform in all of your listening environments – home, your favorite restaurant, work, church, shopping mall, etc.


  • Wide variety of apps and smartphone connectivity to enhance your listening experience
  • Remote Microphones to assist with focusing on speech in noise
  • Remote Controls for easy on/off and volume control
  • TV Connectors for streaming to your hearing aids
  • Custom ear pieces for profound hearing loss and specialty professions such as broadcasting, pilots, etc.
  • Noise protection for musicians and sportsmen

Additional Services

  • Hearing aid cleaning and repair services for all makes
  • Fitting and programming services for most major hearing aid brands
  • Most insurance & discount buying plans accepted

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ClearSound Hearing provides convenient and superior hearing care at 17 locations throughout Missouri and Illinois.

Good quality at a fair price and not pressured into buying a more pricey hearing aid.

– Austin S.

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